Our Webcaster-HD products are self-contained turn-key systems with plug-and-play simplicity, BNC Video In/out , XLR Audio in/out, and 2x GigE network out.
The Webcaster3-HD6 has 6 HD-SDI inputs, the next step up, in our expandable Webcaster product line.
The real-time image quality is the best picture quality on the Internet today, as if you had spent hours of off-line tweaking and rendering. While webcasting live, an archive is saved to the hard drive which can be uploaded for video-on-demand, and/or recorded to DVD with the internal drive for a physical back-up.
4 Terabytes (TB) of Storage are included in this model, expandable to 8 TB.
Processor is 4th Generation i7 6 core, RAM is a 32GB, expandable to 64GB.
USB3, USB2, Dual GigE Ethernet Connections, are all standard.

The Webcaster can be configured for multiple simultaneous formats, PowerPoint slide push and synchronization software as well as interactive web applications are available as options and can easily be integrated.

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List price: $19,995.00
Price: $16,995.00
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