Quicklink Mobile Encoder-8 X LTE/3G


    Quicklink Mobile Encoder
    Complete with 8 Modems for solid live streaming via cellular, from virtually anywhere!
    -Up to 15 connections: Cellular, Wi-Fi, USB and LAN, 5 second boot time, Optimized for Low Latency over all modes.
    HEVC encoding option available. Bonds multiple internet connections. Can be used to Encode for Satellite Transmission with lower throughput.
    -Quicklink Playout Server Options for Point-to-Point streaming, with HD-SDI Output.

    Price: $8,375.00

    PMW-320K Studio Camera Systems


    PMW-320K Cameras for Sale. If you need an HD upgrade for your studio, these cameras are a great way to go. 3 Camera Systems Available. 2 of the Cameras come complete with Sachtler Tripod & Head, LCD Monitor, Lens, and Full Zoom and Focus Controls. 1 of the Cameras is on a Gluide Cam Jib. Price listed is system price per camera.

    Price: $5,000.00

    Webcaster3 System 4 HDSDI 4 HDMI

    The renowned Webcaster3 Switcher-Streaming Video System 4 HD-SDI Inputs and 4 HDMI inputs VidBlaster and vMix Integrated Software, your choice. Turnkey system, which can stream over all popular portals, or any CDN 6TB Storage, Dual Network Ports, USB3, HDMI and DVI monitoring outputs Used very little.
    Price: $8,750.00

    ProLink Porta Com Pro- 570


    Prolink 7- Headset Dual Channel Wireless Intercom System
    Includes Dual-ear Headsets, 2 Master Beltpacks, and 5 Remote Beltpacks.
    Only used once, Includes Hard Rolling Case

    Price: $4,650.00

    Shure Lavalier Wireless Microphone System GLXD14/WL93


    Shure GLXD14/WL93 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System .
    Includes GLXD1 Bodypack Transmitter, WL93 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier M
    with windscreen, tie clip; padded zipper case; SB902 rechargeable Lithium-ion battery,
    and GLXD4 Wireless Receiver
    4 Systems Available - Very little usage!

    Price: $545.00

    SONY HXR-NX5U Camcorder


    Sony HXR-NX5U Camera/Recorder, very light usage, with Tripod, Bag, Charger, and Battery
    2 Full systems available! $2200 ea.

    Price: $2,200.00

    nNovia QC-80A Digital Video Recorder


    nNovia SD Digital Video Recorder with Firewire and Analog Inputs
    80GB HDD and VTR Modes, Records up to 6 hours in MOV or AVI formats.
    12 VDC operation, includes carry case w/battery pack and Analog Break-out Adapter

    Price: $195.00

    Hamlet 302WVA+ SDI MicroScope Waveform-Vector Display


    Hamlet 302WVA+ SD-SDI Scope, On-screen Waveform, Vectorscope, and Audio Display
    SDI and Composite Video Inputs, selectable. Audio Input requires a 6 Pin Din Cable.
    Power Supply Included

    Price: $250.00

    MB-X6 Base with 4 URX-M2 Wireless Mic Receivers


    Sony MB-X6 Base Station for 6 Wireless Mic Receivers, Populated with 4 URX-M2 UHF Wireless Receivers
    Channels 42 - 45 638.125 to 661.875 MHz. 2 Antennas included. Built-in Power Supply, AC Cord.
    Used very little, excellent condition! Although this is a great price for the package, the Base and Receivers can be sold separately.
    Contact Communitek

    Price: $2,595.00


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