Communitek maintains a fully functional TV Studio at 545 West 45th Street, NYC.

ETC Lighting Board - DMX Control, Full Compliment of Lights, and Grid
2 DIVA 401 Kino Flo's with Stands
Pull-Down Green Screen for Chroma-Key

8 Channel Audio Mixing Console
4 Sony Wireless Mics with Base Station Receiver
Enclosed Isolation Sound Booth

Clearcom Intercom System with Camera Headsets and Director Head Set

Monitoring and Display:
Studio/Control Room HD Multi-viewer Monitor
3 80" LCD Screens with HDMI Inputs
3 32" LCD Screens with HDMI Inputs

Available Options:
4K/2K HD Cameras
4K 10 Input Full Production HD Video Switcher with Multi-viewer
HD Live Streaming Encoder
CDN Connection for Live Streaming
Hybrid Phone Patch and IFB

45 x 45 raw space, with set pieces approx. 40 x 40.

Price available on request - Contact Communitek

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