Studio in a Box EBT/Statement Edition

For Legal Statements and Deposition recording, archiving, and retrieval. The complete video/audio/time statement recording system. ‘All-in-One’ solution that will allow you to control and record up to 55 hours internally and download to USB Drive, SD Card, or upload to a central server for archiving and recording retrieval. Fully compatible with Communitek's EBT Video Deposition products. The Quicklink interface will allow you to adjust the focus, zoom and alignment of the camera position as well as controlling the brightness of the built-in lights using the integrated touchscreen. This solution is ideal for statement recording in an environment where space is limited, and full unit control is required.
Features and Specifications: -Built-in 1080 HD 10 Bit Resolution Camera and Recording
-Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control of Camera Image
-Built-in Lighting, complements room lighting
-h.264 MP4 File Structure for efficient file sizes, compatible with editing and storage systems
-Built-in 8.4" LCD Touchscreen Monitor for Onscreen Control of Camera, Lighting, and Recording
-Integrated Embedded Time-Date Stamp
-Easy to use - no on-site technical staff needed to operate
-Video In: HD-SDI or HDMI
-Audio In: 3X XLR Microphones (Phantom Powered or Dynamic Mics)
-Audio Mixer Included!
-120G Internal Drive
-SD Card Port
-USB3 Ports (X2)
-Dual 1G Ethernet Ports
-3.5mm Audio Monitor Output
-12VDC Operation - Power Supply included
-Size: 8.7" (W) x 11.8(H) x 7.5"(D)
-Weight: 10lbs
List price: $15,000.00
Price: $15,000.00
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