Prices Start at: $1,500.00

ICUE-GRID is an IP Video Wall Presenter for multiple content sources within the video wall. It allows complete on-the-fly control over the visualised live and/or on-demand content in any resolution.
ICUE-GRID is designed for situations where a flexible, responsive multiview layout is required. By using IP video signals and a distributed processing approach, ICUE-GRID is infinitely adjustable in size, resolution, streams and positioning. Simply select the required video sources and drag & drop them onto the ICUE-GRID layout. Presets will help to use stored settings to switch from one lay-out to the next. Adding a new source anywhere on the screen is a piece of cake.

Unique features and benefits:
•No physical limitation in the number of displays, resolution or video windows
•No complex video and audio cabling - only one cat-5 network cable per monitor
•No central A/V router - the network is the switch and the signal distributor
•Multiple monitors in multiple rooms
•Uses standard video streams - e.g. DVB/IPTV and IP cameras
•High quality text, logo and ticker
•H.264 and MPEG-2 over multicast and unicast
•Drag & drop your SD, HD or 4K source in multiple simultaneous windows in any size and combination
•Display live and on-demand videos
•Standard and creative or artistic video wall layouts
•Distributed processing with no single point of failure
•Browser based management
•Compatible with all Teracue IPTV streams
•Green IT - save on power and airconditioning