THIS IS A WINNER! The ENC-400 H.264 HD real-time encoder, is the ultimate dream for dual channel live streaming. It is ideal when camera signals, broadcast or monitoring video feeds need to be distributed over IP networks, for internet streaming, for broadcast and CDN contribution. The ENC-400 encoder series provides low delay, pure hardware encoding based on open-standards. This encoder is built in a Blade style case, with the following inputs: DUAL HDMI, WITH LOOPING OUPUTS. Audio Inputs are Embedded (from HDMI) or Analog Line/Mic Level. Encodes/transmits ISO-compliant H.264 HD/SD transport streams. Compatible with Live and VOD Streaming Media Servers, PC XPlayer, IPTV set top boxes and the iCue Streaming Server. Also Available as PORTABLE device.
Features & Benfits:
•H.264 Baseline, main and high profile and MJPEG
•Up to 1920x1200@p60, 3440x1440@p24 or 4K@p15
•Embedded and analog audio inputs
•Logo*, time and text inserter
•Adjustable frame rate and auto scaler
•Up– and downscaling with cropping
•Frame synchronizer for seamless switching
•Teracrypt and AES* encryption
•Motion detection app
•Pro MPEG FEC and AES encryption
•TS, RSTP and RTMP* streaming
•HLS with adaptive bitrate support*
•Simultaneous stream & record* in various formats
•Fanless, lightweight aluminum chassis
•Low power consumption < 5 Watt, 5-12 Volt
•Web GUI, Telnet and SNMP configuration

Professional quality and easy configuration
ENC-400 encoders incorporate low latency compression, creating full resolution video streams
in HD or SD resolution. To access the intuitive graphical user interface use your standard web browser
from any PC on the network, no special or additional tools are required. Remote network configuration
is also supported over SNMP, by Telnet and by control over the local COM port.

Portable and blade based operation
Multiple ENC-400 blades are operated inside the FR frame series. The encoder is also available as the
compact PORTABLE device. High-density requirements are solved by operating the ENC blades in the FR-
2000-24 (4 RU rack mount) or FR-610 (1 RU rack mount) multi-channel racks. Different types of DEC
decoder blades, ENC encoder blades and DVB/IP video-gateways can be “mixed and matched” inside the
FR-frame series.

SKU: ENC-400
List price: $2,160.00
Price: $1,836.00