Webcaster3 Custom Build


Customized version of our Webcaster-HD product. Communitek will design the switcher and streaming components to your specifications, in a self-contained turn-key system with plug-and-play simplicity, BNC Video in/out, Balanced Audio in/out and 2 GigE network out.

The Webcaster3 can be configured for multiple video roll-in’s and graphic insertion, with virtually any file format. PowerPoint slide push and synchronization software as well as interactive web applications are available as options and can easily be integrated. Among some of the customizable functions: Data feeds from Social Media sites can be over-layed into the HD Stream and Video Output. The Webcaster can simultaneously record the program feed, “iso” video source feeds, and stream the program output to the web. Playlists can be programmed and triggered from the onscreen interface. Optionally, automation of the playlist, and the process of pulling and pushing files to other video file storage system can be incorporated.

The Webcaster3, can be configured for classroom video/audio presentations, control of external devices, such as projectors, projection screens, lighting control, and any device that can be triggered by contact closure or serial interface (RS-232, RS422).

The Webcaster3 interfaces integrates with video conferencing applications, such as live Skype video, directly into the switcher module. Since the Webcaster is PC based, 3rd party editing programs can be integrated, and the recorded files generated on the Webcaster3 can be exported to another system for editing, and re-imported to the Webcaster3 for playback.

Contact Communitek or your Broadcast Rep to get a system quotation.

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